About Us

Simple, Stylish and Sustainable Living.
Our Brand Story
We source and sell old things. Things that we think are beautiful and useful and well-made and that have a story, a history, all of their own.
We like that our customers take these things that we sell and use them to make their own spaces more beautiful, more practical and add another chapter to that story. It's an added bonus that what we do is helping create a more sustainable world; we take the things that are no longer useful to their owners, breathe new life into them by repairing, restoring and sometimes repurposing them, then send them out into the world again, not to landfill but to continue their usefulness to another owner. We are conserving natural resources by doing this and we like that.
Our store stocks everything old and beautiful from textiles to furniture, farmhouse to industrial, jewellery to Welsh dressers. Our exterior Garden & Salvage area is open Sat – Mon 10-4pm (weather permitting) and has everything to make your outside space as stylish as the inside.